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Bekal Nileshwar , Kasaragod, Kerala.


kottappuram walking bridge
Kottappuram walking bridge

Kottappuram is a locality in Nileshwaram Municipality, it is one of the small locations with too many famous mosques and temple, one of the main Temple is Sree Vaikunda Kshethram Kottappuram, Every year in the temple performing theyyam on a special event lakhs of people participating in this event.

In tourism Kottappuram in famous in the year 2000 onwards with house boat, in that year  few house boats are available with normal out board engine, now in Kasaragod District Kottappuram is the main tourism attraction after Bekal Fort with more than 12 house boat with modern amenities with inboard engine, this Boat house tourism is related with Bekal tourism, this also known as Bekal House boat.

For houseboat Booking Call: 9526200400

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