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Types of Boats or Vallam’s

1. Chundans (Snake boats) : The present state of Kerala was once ruled by many Kings and it was divided over more than 5 regions. The Chempakasseri King, ruler of the Kayamkulam area was using the CHUNDAN VALLAM as his war ship in many a battles. He was the one who had for the first time constructed the Chundan vallam and used it for war purposes. He won many wars with these. To support this Chundan vallam (warship) in the battles, he had started building other types of vallams/boats too. Details of these other vallams / boats are follows as belows.

2. Veppu vallams: Which was used to support the chundan vallams. It was also known as Parunth Vallam (Kite-tail). All the items and food required for the soldiers in the Chundan vallam were carried by Veppu vallams.

3. Iruttukutty: It is also known as Vadakkan Oddy and they were much faster and the pirates started using it in the lakes. It did not make much noise while moving over the waters. The comparatively high speed and the low noise soon made it one of the most attractive ones for the pirates in the ancient times.

4. Thekkan Oddy (Company boats): This is a very beautiful boat with its nose like Churulan and its stern like Chundan. It is called Thekkan Oddy. In most of the boat races; especially in the famous Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race at Aleppy these are used. The Thekkan Oddy boats are primarily reserved for the boat race of women.

5. Churulans: These are very unique type of boats that are pushed through the water with the help of poles, instead of the traditional oars. These are used by rich people while traveling. Long and thin bamboo poles used to move the churulans in the water. The oars men use these bamboo poles and they push it down and move from front to back and again.

6. Palliyodams: This type of boats have huge sterns than Chundan. The nose of the Palliyodams is much higher and helps it in moving much faster.

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