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Obbattu/Holige – Making Recipes


Obbattu/Holige is a traditional Kannada sweet roti served on important occasions such as Ugadi. It tastes very good with ghee and when served hot!


• 1-1/2 Cups maida or plain flour
• 1 Cup channa daal
• 1 Cup jaggery
• 2 tsp Sooji
• 1 tsp Cardamom
• 1 tsp Oil
• A pinch turmeric
• A pinch salt
• Oil as required
• Water as needed

How to make:

•Cook channa daal in the pressure cooker.

•Now drain the entire water.

•Add jaggery to it and cook for about 10 minutes.

•Grind them without using water.

•Combine cardamom with it and mix well with hand to get a soft mixture.

•Mix flour or maida with sooji, turmeric and salt.

•Add water and oil to it to make fine dough.

•Cover and set aside for about 1hour.

•Make a ball from the dough and spread with hand.

•Place a ball of channa mixture on it and cover with the dough and seal the ends properly.

•Apply oil to the plastic paper and place the ready ball on it and roll it like chapathi.

•Cook on hot tava until golden brown.

•Holige is ready to serve.

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