Kerala Tourism House boat
Bekal Nileshwar , Kasaragod, Kerala.



Here our boat takes the cruiser to the next level of these luxuries by providing the best of the best quality and extreme safety.

  • Happy  houseboat Nileshwar is providing  best designed the Bulkhead Boat to meet the norms of the Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala, which has enacted regulations, stipulating the quality standards that are to be maintained by the Kerala houseboats.
  • Happy Houseboat Kasaragod, Nileshwar is sugesting  very safe option to enjoy the scenic beauty of the backwaters with life jackets, life buoys, inflatable rafts, firefighting equipment’s and other lifesaving accessories compared to any other houseboat.
  • Inner hall area is divided for 5 and this division is closed using fiber on every point’s in order to assure no water leakage and no water storage inside the houseboat and it is well equipped with security equipment’s and highly hygienic atmosphere..
  • Doctor’s on call is available.
  • First-Aid Bag equipment’s are checked regularly, be well maintained, and replaced if necessary.
  • Navigational / Digital Lightings are fitted.
  • Kitchen is properly protected from hazards by fireproofing and fire extinguishers. Clean environment with a hygienic storage hold, free from insects and safe fuel storage facilities.
  • In the right hands, we also have a Small Speed Boat that does have an element of safety on emergency.

These features make Safe Expedition with Boating exceptionally, matchless in the houseboat industry.


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